Our Design and Engineering teams are experienced and take pride in designing and managing to make projects both cost effective and easy to maintain. Working with us allows you to leverage the power of your network asset data throughout your organization. In partnership with our Business Development division - we study emerging technologies, design alternatives, underlying theory, and key parameters affecting system performance required for network design from initial planning to project management.


Our design team is compiled of versatile network designers who have extensive knowledge of network design and management solutions for fiber, coax, copper and power networks. They understand the optical fiber network design process which focuses on the four key aspects: the components of a fiber network, the design process, the cost process and the design package. Our team works together with our Outside Plant Engineers (OPEs)to ensure our designs result in maximum installed reliability.

We specialize in design for Fiber solutions (FTTx), HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax), Multiplexed (DWDM/CWDM) networks, Passive Optical Networks, and ISP (Inside Plant) documentation to support end-to-end connectivity for your network. The design platforms we operate include, but are not limited to: @MApp RF tools, Lode Data, Autodesk suite of products and Spatial Suite (SpatialNET, SpatialWEB and SpatialOFFLINE).


In addition to our Design team, we have an Engineering team that includes a dedicated staff of Outside Plant Engineers that conduct route and site walkouts, obtain all right of way, private property access, municipal permits, utility permits, DOT, EPA and railroad permits, and assist in developing your wide area networks (WAN) or campus network architecture. By bringing together today's technologies and our understanding of network design and architecture, we are providing solutions for tomorrow's technologies.