SEFNCO Communications provides a complete range of telecommunications construction services on a project, hourly, unit, master agreement basis, or a complete end-to-end solution.  Our solutions are tailored to meet the voice and information-processing needs of the customer in single building structures, campus environments, as well as large multi-state networks. We provide clients with access to increased bandwidth, fixed-cost/predictable costs and a centralized network configuration.

The construction of telecommunication infrastructure is a complex process. With SEFNCO Communications, you can be assured of a seamless approach to these sometimes complex elements of the build.  Our team of technicians and engineers have been involved with numerous network design and installations throughout the Western United States.  During these projects, we routinely apply our comprehensive design and management policies, practices, and procedures.  It is through these best practices that the network design and installations are accomplished according to contract requirements, applicable regulations, along with Government and commercial specifications and best practices.

SEFNCO Communications is uniquely positioned to assist technology providers in the race to launch 4G networks. Our team has years of experience providing broadband solutions, interfacing structured cabling with outside plant and constructing backhaul networks (FTTX). Whether you are choosing to implement LTE, WiMax, PICOCELL or FEMTOCELLS, we provide the highest quality solutions to bridge the gap from 4th generation to tomorrow's technologies.